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Miss Millies Chicken

Free range eggs crack UK market

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It would be interesting to see what the percentage of eggs used rather than just purchased....you could then take into consideration all the chickens owners with there lovely spoilt chickens who no longer buy eggs !!!!


Good point :lol:


I have noticed that Mr Kipling now uses free range eggs in his cakes 8)

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Read in my local paper today that the number of free range eggs sold in Britain has outnumbered caged hens for the first time. Last year 51 per cent of the nine million eggs laid in the UK came from barn, free range or organic hens :clap: This means that 49 per cent aren't and there are still 16 million hens caged :cry:


Are those figures right? 9 million eggs laid here yet 16 million caged hens?? or is that hens caged worldwide or europe??

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It's possible that there is an American connection - As I recall it was difficult to get any free range/organic/sustainable foods in Florida or New York when I was there.


That was true about 10+ years ago, but now I see them almost everywhere, including Wal-Mart. Of course, there is some controversy about exactly what definition of "free range" and "organic" is being used. I've heard claims that you can use the "free range" label even though the birds do not get to go outside or have access to the open areas all day.

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