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Added to my flock: Morehens but lateral thinking

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Not quite sure what to call it but I had an "urge", a very strong one at that; it's been niggling away at me for some time now.


I have 16 hens and I adore them, yet I'm maxed out on chooks now; but morehens struck in a very lateral way ... so, today I added to my flock ...


... a trio of Khaki Campbells :oops:


I've been researching and reading and Omletting advice and today I became so itchy with it all, that I went to my chook supplier and came home with 3 of the most gorgeous (if skittish!) ducks: Sir Francis, Elizabeth and Queenie.


I'm hoping, in time, they will free range with my chooks and it will be happy families all round. Yes, this would probably be better placed in the "Duck" forum ... :think: ... or, would it? After all, it was "morehens disease" which ultimately led me down Duck Lane!


So, question: will chooks and ducks integrate (merely for FRing, not accomodation)? The research I have done suggests they willl be ok, but, now I actually have them, I would like to know if the rhetoric meets reality?


The trio are housed in a classic eglu, with standard run + a "duck pond" of an underbed storage box, plus grub and glug. When FRing, they will no doubt utilise my fish pond :roll: and all of my feathered friends spend time in the "copse" end of my garden (fruit trees, veg beds, shrubs, shade/sun and "moat" area - which we plan on lining and having an actual moat-of-sorts). Am I doing enough? Do these plans seem reasonable?


Funny how, when researching, it all sounds so simple, but once you have taken the plunge, insecurities surface :lol::oops:

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I second the comment on over enthusiastic drakes, they can be really rough


I never fail to be surprised at the sheer mess that ducks create, the storage box is a good idea for a pond as they will make a mess of a permanent pond which unless it is easy to clean will get in a state really quickly

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I have aquired 3 ducks, 2 runners and a campbell. One of the runners is a dake. Although my chooks FR I am unable to let the ducks as I have a river a the bottom of my garden and they would probably disapear. :lol: They are housed in an !gogreen! with a run extention and baby bath. They also have a large area fenced off with poultry netting to give them more space. My freinds ducks and chooks FR together but keep to their own kind. :roll:

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It may have been best to ask advice before buying a trio ;)

If I were to get ducks again I'd think twice about getting a drake, drakes are quieter than ducks but get territorial so you'd maybe be better with just ducks.


I have Gerald the drake living with my flock ... he did have a Gemima but she was got by the fox :(

They made Orville the duckling, my friends bought me them for my 18th birthday :P


Theres a video of them all in the garden


I have thought about getting him a few new wives but tbh I think he's happier without for now. When she was here he was forever on top of her in the pond and was aggressive towards us, biting the backs of jeans. Now he's as good as gold! He looks after the chickens, he's top of the pecking order, no doubt about that! :D


He did spend a month or 2 at work in with a big flock of Khaki Campbells to see if they'd make ducklings but they were all a bit too quick for him so we didn't set any eggs!



They don't like roosting bars so I bought them a Go without bars but tbh he doesn't use it v often. He also has 2 big red tub trugs as a pond which he loves :lol:

They are really messy though!

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What a fantastic video, thank you for sharing it :D Orville is absolutely adorable!!! It was good to see your chooks and ducks about together.


Territorial drakes :think: I'll have to see how that works out, may be a good thing because I get wild mallards visiting my garden/pond throughout Spring, so perhaps him being territorial won't be a big problem?


Roosting bars were removed before they arrived and dh is going to build a pen/run so they more space for foraging, but still attached to the classic and run so they will be safe at night when we're not around.

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How funny that your adult ducks have eyes only for each other Lewis, and that the duckling appears to have bonded with the golden hen.

Nugget (the buff chicken) stole the duck egg in the nestbox so I left her with it to see if she'd stay and a few weeks later out popped Orville! 8)


I love at one point Orville walks up to one of the ducks and they run off scared! :lol:


Think its quite an unusual flock, I wouldn't normally let adult hens and a drake FR with young chicks and a duckling but I know my lot, got enough space and they were fine!

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And what a lovely space you do have for them Lewis!


I am delighted to report that this morning, I discovered 2 eggs in the duck house :dance: Only looked on the offchance (and to see how much mess there might be) and I was delighted to find them! Each weighs 50g, which is about the size of egg my cream legbar produces. Perhaps they will get larger as the girls age, like chicken eggs? Not that I'm concerned about weight, just over the moon to have results so quickly!! :lol:

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