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my first chicks of the year

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meet my valentine babies hatched 14/2/12

9/12 hatched no9 didn't make it there are 2 full naked necks 5 bibed necks



plus odd bob the only full feathered neck it's a first gen cross mom(she's also the broody) is my welmar dad is boris my TNN he may or may not be dad to all 8


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2 weeks old today and just entering that scruffy looking stage

they spent most off sunday FR which build up their confidence up no end a couple even stole meal worms from my anti social gold legbar and she didn't bat an eye lid that won't last through :lol:

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They are cute, not sure about the naked necks though :oops:


Do you have any more photos, if so I would love to see them.



not of this batch I'll take more next weekend weather permiting

trouble with photos of naked necks is they don't do them justice photos seem to high light the neck in a bad way when in fact you don't really focus on it in the flesh so to speak

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