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Freesat or freeview ??

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We currently use free view, using an indoor ariel. Its a bit of a pain tbh, to keep moving it to set it up every time the weather changes. So should we pay out for a proper ariel and get that set up properly or get freest which MiL has in her lounge and works very well.

Your experiences or thought appreciated please..thanks

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We have Freesat as are unable to get Freeview in our area. You get less channels on freesat believe it or not and it gets a bit temperamental in the snow or heavy rain but other than that its pretty good. We set ours up ourselves with a dish etc pretty easily. If i had a choice i'd have freeview but for us its freesat or nothing now :roll: Shame really as our old terrestrial signal was much better quality (even if we did only get BBC 1 and 2).

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We had freeview, and then something went wrong with the ariel so stopped working properly and the picture was horrendous.


We ended up getting Virgin as the cost at the time for connecting up to them, and then just having the basic package (similar to freeview) was better then the cost of getting someone to fix the ariel... Not sure what offers Sky or Virgin are offering now, but could be worth checking it out??


Of course since then extra packages have sneaked on - my OH's Sports package being the main culprit!!! Perhaps it would have been better to have got the ariel fixed - although I am sure he would have found a way!

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Hi Miffy,

I got my local electrical retailers, 'Woolacotts' to do it.




I don't know how far down the county you are, but I know they have a branch in St. Austell.

I can highly recommend them. I never go anywhere else to purchase electrical things or for repairs.


Hope that they can help you- if not, maybe they would be able to recommend someone to you! :D

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Have you had the digital switch over as yet? The reason why I ask is that once the anologue signal is switched off the digital signal is boosted, so some areas where people have problems with digital reception it improves greatly after the switch.


We have Freeview with an ariel, but we also have an electric signal booster - it is cheapere than a new ariel and just plugs in tot he ariel cable.



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