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Who dun it?

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It is a mystery Agatha Christie would have relished. Not so much a case of who dun it, but how done it. I came down to let my free range chicken out of their heavily fortified pen and saw the decapitated body of my prized Wyandotte lying inside the cage right up against the fencing. There was no sign of fox activity inside the pen and no signs of entry, just a load of feathers outside the pen! It was a tragic puzzle. I can only conclude that fox came prowling, chicken stuck head through 2 inch wire fence and got it bitten off. But can they really be that stupid? I know they are not the brightest of creatures, but to deliberately stick your head through a fence when the fox is standing right in front on you, is kinda crazy. Any theories.....?

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If you were in the States, I'd say it was probably a raccoon. That's typical of how they kill. They have paws that can reach through the wire and grab. I'm assuming you're in the UK, though, so that's not probable unless one escaped from a zoo!


Sorry for that discovery and the loss! It must have been disturbing!

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