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Missing Duck - Gone without a trace. Magpie attack??

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Anyone know whether Magpies or other aggressive garden birds can and do actually swoop down and take a duck (Call Duck)? We have today lost a duck (Vera), :cry: with absolutely no sign of an attack, but she has vanished without a trace. No feathers or blood or sign of anything untoward that you'd expect with a fox attack. Never had fox trouble/sightings before. She Went to bed in the egglu with the others as usual. They get let out automatically at sun-up.


They free range a medium sized garden, but no gaps or ways out - we've double checked today, and searched every hedge. Their wings are always clipped, and so no flying going on at the mo. She's no where to be found secretly nesting, as has sometimes been the case. And the other ducks (5 left) have a 'strange air' about them....not even looking or quacking for her as they usually would if one was still out and about. If one's hiding in the hedge sitting on eggs, the male of the pair will lurk by the hedge without fail until she's back with the pack - none of that today - as if they know she's just gone.


So she probably is a goner I guess, leaving Jack the duck without his mate, But any likely answers/scenarios from others experience much appreciated!


:doh:(white duck)(duck)(duck)(duck)(duck):(

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So sorry to hear you have lost both your ducks. :( We have an abundace of wild life where I live including sparrow hawkes, magpies and crows and we have not lost our ducks or chickens. I really think it is more likely a fox. I let mine out after 7am when I hope my neighbour about gardening. We also have wild ducks on the river.

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Sorry to hear about your duck vanishing too :( and thanks for responses both of you.

Ours has still not emerged and so obviously we're assuming she's gone for good, as it's been a week. I guess a fox attack is possible, but it is wierd how there's no sign of any scuffle or others with missing feathers etc. Someone else suggested a random sparrow hawk or buzzard attack, but not sure how likely thay is either? Like you say, not a common concern normally with large birds around....

The others are still looking edgy though when big birds are over-head....more so than usual I reckon. And her two off-spring (although over a year old) seem a little lost.


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We had 4 young ones in a 4’ fence and 3 went missing 1 night with no signs of attack.  No feather, blood or tracks (snow on the ground).  Still haven’t found out what it was.  But the last one gets put away at night now and this morning when I put him out, his food bowl was licked clean.  Putting a camera up tonight 

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