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Mr Rhode Island Red

Unawareness of diabetes at quiz

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My niece took part in a primary schools quiz competition yesterday and I was annoyed, prepare for a rant.


My niece is a type 1 diabetic, so, as she does regularly during the day, she took out her "test kit" (a few gadgets that are used to test her blood sugar levels) and another team wrongly notified an adjudicator that she was using a mobile phone (which were strictly banned in the quiz). My niece and her team were about to be disqualified by the adjudicators when my niece stood up and firmly told the adjudicator that she was a type 1 diabetic and the gadgets were only used for testing her blood sugar levels.


The adjudicators had made quite a song and dance about it, and for them to be put in their place by a pre-teenage girl :shameonu: ...well, they made themselves look rather stupid indeed.


You would think that in this day and age, people would be a bit more aware of diabetes (and other illnesses that require regular monioring)

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Ignorance :roll: I remember DD coming home from school and announcing she was going to be a vegetarian as the Home Economics teacher had told the class that she had never seen a fat vegetarian :shock: I had to explain to DD you could be a vegetarian and live on pizza and chips and therefore get fat. In another situation at primary school the children were given a drugs talk by the police and they mentioned the use of steroids to build up muscle. DD was embarrassed as the children turned to look at her and started whispering about her as she was taking steroids for a medical condition. There was no explanation of different sorts of steroids. I was really angry as she was understandably upset and this was at a time when she wasn't well.

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