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The Mcconnochies

Broken beak...

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We got two new chickens last friday and noticed today that one of them had a slight broken beak - it looks a little like a finger nail that has its end loose and needs cut.


The chickens have been seperated from the rest of the flock since we got them and our only idea is that maybe she did it on the wire round the run (the are currently confined to the run for a week).


So, a couple of questions...


1) any ideas on how it could have happened?


2) is it serious?


3) how do i fix it?


Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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Is it the tip of the beak thats missing? if so it could be that she has had her beak trimmed back on purpose (common in hybrids) and you didnt notice before now


If it wasnt like that before then she could have broken it on the wire yes, you can use a nail file to tidy up any sharp edges, it will probably even out in time

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Thank you both...nail file it is then.


@Clare - We picked up 2 beautiful chooks last friday. A wonderful Sussex and a georgeous Bluebelle. Both still getting to know their way around the flock...managing to stay the night in the coop but only after dusk as we had an almighty spat when it wasn't quite dark!!! Another couple of days and then we will introduce them. :D

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