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Poor Doris put to sleep yesterday

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My beautiful funny standard australorp splash had to be put to sleep yesterday. She had developed a huge crop over the last couple of weeks. The vet drained a pint of brown/black fluid off it and spoke to a poultry expert who said it wasn't a impacted crop but could be that the muscles had lost their tone. It filled up again but she still seemed bright, eating and generally healthy but not perching. Then on Monday she start goose-stepping - feet right up to her chest and also the night before I had found a bloody mess of tissue in the run. I took her to the vets yesterday and although she still seemed bright we took the decision to put her to sleep.


She was six and a half - has anyone else had a standard australorp and know how long they usually live or perhaps a orpington - I can't help thinking that she should have had some more years !!

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Thank you everyone for your very kind replies. It was so sad this morning to go out to the chicken house and not see my huge funny Doris - she was always my favourite. I've got a 5 year old barnebar who is a real creaking gate and every year I have to bring her inside because the moult really takes it out of her and she gets skeletally thin and wobbly but Doris was always fine - I just thought she would go on and on!!!


Sophie x

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