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Had to have Poppy put to sleep today

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Poor Poppy.

I let the girls out as 7 ish today and assumed Poppy was still laying her egg. I went to work and came home much later than usual and said hello to the girls. Poppy was well away from the others facing the fence with a big blob on her bottom.

I had a closer look and thought it might be a giant poo.

I picked her up and as I tucked my hand under I felt something wet and warm. I looked under her feathers and there was her lady bits. I washed them gently as there was a huge poo stuck to them and then we went to the vets.

He said there wasn't much he could do for her and it would be best for her to be put to sleep.

She looked so healthy otherwise and her little face as he took her was bright and cheery.

I found it hard to leave her with him.............poor little thing.


Rest in peace lovely girlie xxxxx

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It may be a strange comment but Well done. Its so easy to leave the unpleasant bits of animal keeping and put them off. Your swift action will have reduced her suffering. Give yourself a hug for your loss and a pat on the back for acting swiftly xx

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Just wanted to add my agreement to everyone elses comments. It is so hard when you have to make these horrible decisions but its so comforting to know that everyone on this forum is here to give you a virtual hug and get you through it. So sorry for your loss, you took the right and brave decision for your girl. RIP Little Poppy.

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Thank you so much everyone.

I have felt a bit down today about it all but your comments have made me feel better.

It was such a lovely day too and Poppy would have really enjoyed that.


I still can't believe that she is no longer here and got taken so suddenly.


Why does the prolapse thing happen in chickens anyway ?



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Unfortunately prolapse just happens sometimes, there is nothing to be done to prevent it and once it has happened there is a high chance of it happening again, you made the right choice, this happened with my White Star a few years ago after she had laid me a lovley white egg pretty much every day for 18 months, the vet advised us to have her PTS too, it's hard but saves future suffering.


I have since learnt how to end the suffering of my girls myself, it feels horrible even when you know that their life is nearly over and you are saving them from suffering further. I have had to say goodbye to 2 of my girls in the past week, one with severe peritonitis and the other one had been going down hill for a few months, but then took a sudden turn for the worse this morning and the others were pecking at her, I couldn't let that happen, she was nearly gone when I lifted her out of the run, but I still felt awful for helping her on her way. :(


R.I.P Poppy and my girls Sky and S"Ooops, word censored!"py :(

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