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We have a jumper

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I have recently replaced three chickens (following a fox attack) with three new ones. Two Blackrocks and a Sussex Star - all about 18 weeks.


It's weird how different they are to the other ones. These have no interest in the food that I throw out (grapes especially) that the old chickens went mental for.




...one of the Blackrocks is quite a jumper. She's jumping over the four-foot high fence with ease causing many problems (mainly being that the wife said we could only have chickens if they stayed in their own bit of the garden and we got our lawn back). She's had her wings clipped already.


Is this something that can be stopped? Will it stop happening as she gets older and fatter?


Any help (other than building a higher fence - no chance) much appreciated.

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Uh oh! Naughty chooks :lol:


I had the same problem with my new girls when I first got them, are yours quite young? I shut mine in an enclosed run for a few weeks until I was sure that they had learnt where home was and where they were to stay! This seemed to work wonders and they are all very good now and keep to their own grassless, flowerless, patch that they have made their own :roll:


Mine also have their wings clipped which doesn't do too much at those heights because they can pretty much jump that high anyway. My fences are only 3-4 feet high and they now stay put.


Another idea if you don't have an enclosed run would be to get some netting from knowles (really cheap) and either make it a bit higher or put a lid over their run for a whilst until they learn.


Good luck, I hope they learn to stay where they should be!

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One of mine should be entered in the Olympics I think. Couldnt find Molly at bedtime a few weeks ago, despite hunting high and low, and had to admit defeat and go to bed with a heavy heart, thinking I'd seen the last of her. Hubby admitted he'd seen her fly up onto our shed roof a few days before but forgot to tell me! Next morning, I had a call from a lady who's house backs onto ours asking if we kept chickens , as she had found one sitting miserably in her garden at 7 am! She had flown up onto our shed roof, and down the other side, and couldnt get back! Said chicken has always been very skittish and wouldnt let anyone pet her, but she ran straight up to me, crouched down and went happily into the pet carrier for her journey home! Needless to say, wings have now been clipped!

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