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I wouldn't use straw - as it's hollow, it offers a hideyhole for creepits :shock:

I line my poo trays with newspaper, and then a layer of aubiose - makes cleaning soooo simple. During the warm weather I poo pick and empty the poo trays daily, but in the cooler weather (i.e. when there isn't an issue with flies), I don't need to do it so frequently - weekly is usually enough, although I check every couple of days to make sure it's not getting soiled enough to warrant a clean out. I also poo pick in the cube nest box daily, as one of the girls likes to roost overnight on the 'door' to the nest box, with her bum on the nest box side :roll::lol:

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I hose down the poo tray every day but don't use newspaper or any other product.


I use straw in the nest box but prevent the Girls from sleeping in it at night.


I check the straw every day to make sure it's dry throughout, and change it once a week when I disinfect the whole of my !gogreen!


I only have three Light Sussex bantams these days so they don't make too much mess.


My permanent run is on about 100mm of woodchip and I poo pick it every day.


Once a week after cleaning the house, I hose down the run and apply Stalosan-F.

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I also use straw and have never had problems with it, mites will live in almost everything so I wouldn't let the fact that straw is hollow put you off.


I buy big bales for £2.50 from Welland Vally Feeds in Market Harborough, lasts for ages and that includes using in the run and cleaning once a week.

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