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So I might of gone & got some chooks on my lunch break *PICS

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I went and got me some Pekins!


2 Lovely girls - slightly different in colour and I have NO idea what to call them so name suggestions welcome!


They came from a lovely DEFRA approved place where they are all vaccinated, these guys are just at POL :)


Welcome my 2 new ones :) yay! P.s. Hoppy Hoppy chicken is looking miraculously better....she must have read my post about putting her to sleep - shes leaping (one legged!) about the garden pecking about and chatting A LOT - yay all happy in my lil chicken kingdom!











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Thanks guys - they are ace! Duster is a great name...also like pearl and Onyx! Oh dear! Maybe I need to buy a third?!!


They are so cute - they've lived in a stable up until now...then they got here and its raining and there are hailstones flying everywhere - poor things didn't know what to do until I showed them that they can actually go back inside their dog basket! So funny!


One week of separation then FR with hoppy as long as all goes ok :)

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Feather and Duster it is! LOVE THOSE NAMES :) YAY! Thank You for Naming my chooks!!! :D

Oh my Goodness, is it ridiculous that I feel so proud :anxious::lol::dance::dance::dance:

So pleased you liked the names...I feel like their godmother now, I shall have to be involved in all the important decisions in their lives you know. When's the christening? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


P.s. Feather the darker and Duster the lighter one, yes? Or I shall worry that the real Duster may have an identity crisis :lol:

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