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So what shall I get next??

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Right then here's my problem (!), the two chicks which I hatched out in January have both turned out to be boys-however I have managed to rehome them both (to nice chicken loving folk), so I have decided to get a couple of blue egg layers-cream legbars are looking good so far-however OH has decided that actually chickens are such a terrible thing and is planning on rearranging the garden so they have their own area-thus meaning I can add to my bantam collection! so far i have a bantam faverolle and three pekin bantams

So I was wondering if any of you peeps had any suggestions of what I should be looking at to get....been checking out my chicken mags but wanted some first hand experiences



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I have the most gorgeous millefleur sablepoot bantam. Love her to pieces. She's friendly and totally non destructive and gets on with everyone and even lays the prettiest creamy white egg. Down side :?: Well they are horribly prone to Mareks disease for which there is no cure and is highly contagious. :(

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Thanks for the replies, been have a looking in the internet and old chicken mags and the Wyandottes look good and heard lots of nice things about them-however I took my dog for a stroll yesterday and discovered a whole selection of newly built coops and runs in the local field-they are filled with the most fabulous selection of Bantams and I think I may have fallen in love with the black mottled ones!! next step is to find out who owns the field and chickens!

I'm off to have a wander down that way later so will take the camera with me!

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