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Chickens on CNN!

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I liked the bit on there "Some chickens are so tiny they can be kept in an apartment" :lol: I can just imagine it ....sounds typically USA to me :lol::lol::lol:..So cute :!:


I can't imagine it! That would be a lot of cleaning and paper changing if you didn't want your living space to smell like chicken poop! So many commenters are being negative about the idea of their neighbors having chickens because they don't want to be woke up early by a rooster, even though the article clearly states that you don't need a rooster to have eggs and they are forbidden in most residential areas. It always amazes me how many people either don't read the article they are commenting on or have no reading comprehension!

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I think the chickens able to be kept indoors are probably seramas. I've found pictures of them in large indoor cages in the internet before now. I must say they do look dinky, especially the cockerels, and the thought has passed my mind.... but then the reality of having chicken poo indoors however small kicked in and so I haven't indulged!

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