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Multiple chicken breeds?

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Should you get a minimum of two of any breed or is it okay just to have one of one breed and another of a different breed? I'm just starting again after I lost my chickens in October to a fox and only want a couple to start so am looking at maybe a Silkie and a Pekin - I'd like one of each but want to make sure they're happy so will just get two of one kind to begin with.





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We've never had more than one chicken of the same breed.

We had Poach and Scramble who were a Miss Pepperpot and a Gingernut Ranger and they were like sisters, never left each other's sides.


When Scramble passed we got Poach 3 new sisters

Miss Pennyapple, a Light Sussex

Pecan, a Crested Hybrid

and Angua, a Pekin Bantam And they all got along like a house on fire, there were no problems. Even with Angua being the only bantam, she stood her ground and was 3rd in the pack, she initially looked like a contender for head chicken but Poach saw to that in a single peck when they first were allowed together. But they were a very close group in spite of breed and size.


Now, since we lost Poach and Angua, We just bought 4 more girls to keep Pecan and Pennyapple company, and they are:

Phoenix, a Rhode Rock Hybrid

Willow, a speckledy,

Fenton, a Fenton Rose,

and Valentine, a Bluebelle. And so far so good. Only the normal social pecking and order setting. (Of course Pennyapple and Pecan haven't got involved yet and won't for many weeks.


But we've always mixed breeds together and they've been fine. HOWEVER, I don't have much any experience of the breeds your asking about, except the Pekin obviously. I hope this is of some use, but I'm sure someone will be able to give you far better information.

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Thought I would share my limited experience-I have a mixed little bunch-which includes pekins (3) and one silkie-the silkie was given to me by my friend as because she was being bullied (silkie not friend!) and since coming to us she has flourished-she has hatched chicks (the araucana boy took a fancy to her!) and become best buddies with one of the pekins-she certainly does not suffer becaise she is the only one of her type.

I think if they are the same ages and arrive together then you wont have problems-I got a bantam faverolle and an araucana at the same time and they have gone on to be firm friends

Hope this helps!

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Well, they say you should try not to mix different sizes of birds, unless you really know what you are doing. Certainly I don't think you should just get a lone bantam, or a lone large fowl, but if you have them all in pairs, I think you can just see how they get on.


Some people class silkies as bantams don't they? So I think you could. I keep mostly at least two of a breed, but that is just because I have got mine from all over the place, so if I get two the same I can introduced them to the new girls together. If that made sense...

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