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The Dogmother

Picnic Pants

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This has to be the most ridiculous idea I've ever seen :roll:






An Italian company called Acquacalda has created a pair of denim capri pants that feature a piece of fabric between the thighs. The flap spreads out when you sit cross-legged, so it doubles as a plate. It even has a pocket on the outside of the thigh to hold a drink! Oh those Italians, they just think of everything.
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:think: I think I might have problems with these. I'm only short so the edge of the 'table' would extend beyond my knees, creating a sliding off point for any food. Also I would be in danger of tipping my food everywhere as I would have to keep moving - I couldn't sit cross legged like that for very long - I would seize up. I wonder if they could attach a hoist to get me up again once my knees have locked? Hmm, on second thoughts better cancel my order :roll:
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And there was me thinking how stylish and well dressed the Italians are! Talk about shattered illusions! :lol:


I already had those illusions dispelled by going to Italy a few years back! :lol:


I wonder if they were inspired by Karl Pilkington's Pilko Pump Pants. They actually make his invention look sophisticated in comparison!

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