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dance in the dark

The girls' new run. pic heavy!!

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Ok, so after much discussion, I have officially decided to officially consign an area of the garden over to my girls, with proper fencing, and they seem very pleased!


The nearly completed run



Letitia and Edith



One of my araucanas, lavinia



The orps, babs and berta



The grass is always greener....




And this is a selection of all of them (bluebells, speckledys, cream legbars, orps and araucanas) with some mid afternoon porridge.




Any just because my letitia finally laid her first egg last week, here is a picture of my legbar and araucana eggs (the three down the right are legbar, the two on the left are araucana, and the back left it letitia's first)



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That looks fabulous, very lucky girls :clap:

I too loved the chicken circle. Does anyone remember the toy like a wooden paddle and a circle of chickens with strings attached to their heads. The string attached to a weight underneath and you had to swirl the paddle in a circle to get the chooks to bob their heads to eat. Phew that is going back a bit :oops: that's what it reminded me of anyway.

Two of my girls stck their heads through the wire and have horrid baldy necks these days. As you say, even with a run full of things the grass is always greener!

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Yes, there is a line around that new turf, up to where the chickens can reach. I am theorhetically not too bothered about them putting their heads through, although obviously it just feels a bit less safe for them, so I may look into a small strip of small hole wire for them.


We banged the posts about two feet into the ground, maybe a touch more, and them the chicken wire goes about a foot into the ground. The bit of omlet fencing you can see in the picture, is now a wooden fence (where the ground meets the concrete) we used contrete for the posts for that.

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Yes there is a fox proof bit of the run. You can just see in the back right had part of the picture, there's my eglu classic, that and the wooden house at the back are on concrete, with woodchips and straw to play with, and after this afternoon, all the chickens that live in the wooden houses will have a nice new bright yellow eglu cube to play with!


Although we leave them out most of the time because there is normally someone in the house at pretty much all times.

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