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This is your 5am alarm call!

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:lol::lol: i get paws under the covers....the nails then ping out either into my feet or my bottom, :shock: is my usual reaction at that time in the morning,just so he can have his early morning feed, which is anywhere between 3-5am!! If i dont play his "game" i will get rodents or birds brought in :wall: Ive tried feeding him last thing at night, ignoring him, locking him in...result for this is anything on surfaces ends up on the floor, curtains climbed, wall paper peeled etc :evil: so ive found its best to just remember im his staff and get on with it :lol:
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I can't help thinking it was weird that the door stop was fixed onto the door and not the wall... That's certainly where I'd move it to if I had a cat that insisted on boing-ing it at 5am!


Me too. If my cats are disruptive at night (they aren't generally) then they get put outside PDQ.... they soon learn :wink:

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