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Nespresso machine anyone?

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I've been asking oh for years if he wants a coffee machine and always get told no. Then in John Lewis before he saw a nice nespresso machine and wanted to buy it.


We had the demo etc and it seems fab. He wanted to buy it there and then but I said no its too much £££. So I'm thinking of buying it for his birthday next month. Does anyone have one and would recommend it?


Not a coffee fan myself but I think they should do hot chocolate capsules :-P

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I have a Pixie and bought an Aerocinno to go with it! I lurve it! There are sooo many type of coffee to choose from. I shopped around online and found free delievery and £40 of free coffee!!! Funny I've just ordered some last night!


They are really easy to use. They come with one of each of the 16 coffee for you to try to see which you like. Mine takes up very little space which was important to me...... and the Aerocinno means frothy hot or cold milk!

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Ah great thanks :-D it's £180 in Lewis with areoccinni or I can get it off amazon for £105 and then pay the extra £45 for aeroccini so I'm gonna go for it. Plus I've checked with nespresso and amazon is a valid retailer to qualify for the £40 credit :-D woop


Just wish they did hot choc capsules for me as I can't stand coffee lol

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