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Mucky bottom

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Tilly, my pepperpot PP , has a really messy bottom all around her vent. All the feathers are clumping together and the remains of :vom: are all on them. Is it anything to worry about, or does she just need her knickers washing!


Thank you,



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How exactly do you bath a chicken? Warm water? Any soap? I need to give Penny PP a bath for the same reason as above but am too afraid to do it as she hates being handled. Think I'll have to do it outside else the whole house will be soaked! Can I just leave her to dry of her own accord or will she get too cold?

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To wash mine I used Ecover washing up liquid and warm water in a bowl in the kitchen.

Then after washing, a kind of gentle squidge to get off some of the water and then gently blowdried on the kitchen work top.

I'm sure I read on here somewhere not to put out a wet chicken as they get very cold.

Hope this helps.


As for the Flubenvet the instructions are on the packet you just mix 6g of Flubenvet to 2kg of feed, and feed it to them over 7 consecutive days.

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I use a teeny drop of Johnson's Baby Bath in a bucket :wink: All those that have had their knickers washed so far seem to have loved it :angel: My Orpington girls have got very fluffy knickers so I keep them trimmed where it gets mucky :wink: When the weather's warm and sunny (pah!) you can leave them to dry naturally but otherwise yes, use a hairdryer :)

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