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Surplus Eggs - recipe ideas needed please.

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I usually weigh eggs anyway for baking, equal amounts of eggs (weighed in their shells), fat, flour and sugar makes the perfect sponge.


Medium eggs weigh between 53 - 63g, large eggs weigh between 63 - 73g and extra large eggs weigh more than 73g - just work out what you have, and use according to the recipes.

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Sweet or Savoury - we use hundreds of eggs in cooking and there is loads of different ways to use them both sweet and savoury. Quiches and Tarts, I made a lovely Salmon and Watercress one recently, Crab and Leek was good too. Watercress and Crab are both in season at the moment.

I did a lovely Raspberry Meringue Roulade at the weekend, and a frozen thing from Rachel Allen, but its name escapes me.


Look on www.bbc.co.uk/food They have thousands of recipes that you can search using ingredients. I get loads of mine from there.

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Frittata - basically big omlette with your choice of cooked potato, onion, pepper, chorizo etc in it

Tortilla - as above but just slowly fried onions and potatoes in it (can be raw if cut up small)

Cakes - look for recipes using many eggs; take to work if you don't have a sweet tooth; people always appreciate it!

Souffle - not as difficult as you might think, in fact not hard at all

You can an egg or two to enrich sauces like cheese sauce/white sauce and in 'made-up' dishes like corn beef hash

Kedgeree has eggs on it

Egg mayo - sarnies or baked spuds

Pickled eggs (although they'd be :vom: in my house)

You can make lemon curd with the spare yolks left over from the pavlovas

Hollandaise sauce - just right for the asparagus season which is just starting


Nasi goreng - indonesian dish of crispy fried onions, spicy rice with prawns/peppers whatever you have to hand, topped with omlette cut into strips (I know it sounds vile but it is nice, a good weekday supper)


You'll find plenty of recipes online :D

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Sorry but love talking about food, so some more for you.


Crab Cakes or fish cakes, use eggs for binding and for dipping into with the breadcrumbs.


Muffins - really quick and easy, lovely hot out of the oven, try Hairy Bikers Lemon and Blueberry ones, but watch the recipe on the BBC site - it forgets to list the lemon curd.


Lemon Curd - 2 lemons and zest, 8oz sugar, 4 oz butter, 2 eggs, 1 egg yolk, Whisk all together, microwave for 4 minutes, whisk again, microwave for another 3 minutes, put into sterilised jars. You will never eat shop bought again.


Choclolate Eclairs. James Martin has a good recipe on the BBC site.


You can use your egg yolks up in a classic cheese sauce

Ice Cream - custard based ice creams use egg yolks too


Get Cracking :lol: Let us know what you try and whats good!

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You can whisk egg yolks into mashed potatoes for topping fish pies etc for added richness.


I make waffles which are made with yoghurt and 3 eggs, I will look up the recipe later

Swiss roll uses lots of eggs

We eat a lot of egg sarnies and omelettes at this time of year, there are 5 of us in the family so egg gluts are less of an issue.


I made my son's birthday cake last week and by the time I had made the 3 egg lemon victoria sponge and lemon curd I had used 5 eggs :drool:


April is prime laying season even my 5 year old original Omlet hybrid, Mother has laid a couple this month. :D

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I find my pekin egss to be mainly yolk, not much white. So I have to be careful if using them in cakes.

We have them in salads, but I find them fiddly to peel. Also mini scotch eggs are easy to make & great for lunch boxes or picnics.

Usually the pekin eggs get whisked up into scrambled egg or omlettes.


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I am a German-American whose ancestors moved to Pennsylvania in 1734 who, somewhat ironically, has lived on work assignment back to Germany for the past decade.


We had a egg surplus issue last month into which even the Easter holiday couldn't put a dent. Then I remembered some old Pennsylvania Dutch recipes for pickled red beet eggs that my wife and I gave a whirl. http://www.ehow.com/how_4617927_make-dutch-red-beet-eggs.html and http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pickled-Red-Beet-Eggs/ and http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/foodnation-with-bobby-flay/red-beet-eggs-recipe/index.html.


We generally hold the onions, but that last recipe with the brown sugar doesn't look too bad a variation.


The bottom line is that this is a great way to preserve eggs that might otherwise go bad in the fridge ... and we have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like them!

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Not that I like them, but OH is constantly pickling my banties eggs - smaller than full size which can be too much for a pickled egg. We now have a trade in selling these pickled one down the local pub, alongside the full size eggs in egg boxes. At one point this week, when I had 60+ eggs hubby had to do an extra trip mid-week to the pub to get number down a bit.



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Sorry guys, I know this is late but thanks for all your suggestions. The reason I was asking was mum likes a boiled egg but the wee banty eggs were too small for the egg cup so we had to find another use for them raher than them sitting there.


Thanks again



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