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A day in my chickeny life..

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Well it all started last night-a 'helpful' member of my family decided to collect any last eggs before shutting the chickens in for the night-the eggs in question were being sat on by a broody silkie and had been for the last week or so-anyway to get to the point I didnt know this until this afternoon when I found the eggs sitting on the worktop-doh!

Then one of the young boys decided to 'break into' the broody pekins retreat and smash one of her eggs! so far its going great guns-the worst part of the day when I went into the garden after a couple of hours away and found my lovely little bantam faverolle Ginny had died-bless her she was such a little sweetie


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Ahh, that is a really pants day! I recognise it due to the fact that I tend to have them fairly regularly. Mine however are usually, but not always chicken related. There's not much to say other than 'I know how you feel' and 'tomorrow is a new day'. R.I.P Ginny.. :(

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