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amys garden

Bonkers Hens Stories

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Hi everyone

after reading about so many sad happenings

I thought it would be fun to share some funny Hen stories!


The hens and I were out gardening, hanging out washing and generally chilling in the sunshine

When I noticed them all gathered around a chunky grass plant!

In and out thier heads bobbed, so I donned the gardening gloves and parted the grass

They were feasting on baby snails! Ignoring the big ones and swollowing little ones whole clucking away to themselves merrily for over an hour I joined in and helped them they were so happy with my team work :lol:


The today we had the Great Escape in three parts :roll:

When we're home till our new coop arrives the girls FR in a penned area

Well we looked up and there were ALL THREE girls scratching up my plants on the patio :shameonu:

I caught all three

After a coffee break we looked up and there they were again pfffff I couldn't figure out how they got there!

Once again we put them back into there lovely grassy FR 3/4 of the garden

In the kitchen again I saw the deed :doh:

Hazel was the ring-leader and was simply walking/knocking over the fence!!!! like she was doing Parkour :lol:

I couldn't help laughing and singing the Indiana Jones music as I ran out to lead her away from my plants and strengthen that fence :roll:

They are SO funny I love thier crazy ways

Any one else have any bonkers choock stories

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My hen Zoe is my drama queen. She fell into the pool last week. It was windy and I think she got a little too close to the edge when a strong gust came up. I was inside and heard a squawk and then the ground predator alarm, bok, bok, bok, ba-GAWK! I went out thinking they were being attacked by a hawk that I'd seen the day before, but Zoe was floating in the pool like a duck and Sadie was on the patio above her going off! I pulled her out and I swear she gave me a dirty look as if to say, "Don't you judge me!" Or maybe she blames me for the large water obstacle in the middle of the yard! :lol:


Then a couple of months back, my husband had some time off and was doing a lot of yard work. He opened up the Eglu to check on the egg situation, which he never does! He caught Zoe in the middle of laying and caught her egg in his glove. She turned around, saw it, and freaked out on him! She started screeching incessantly. He tried to quiet her with mealworms, but she screeched between bites. Finally, she calmed down a bit and went off to free range, but every now and then would look up at him and screech! :)

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They are so funny aren't they?

I have three little pekins and at the moment two of them are broody. As none are laying, I just shut them out of the eglu in the morning and they trot off to eat and drink, muttering and cursing at me. When I came home from work today, all three were pancaked down in the middle of the run in a heap! Not having a nest hasn't deterred them in the slightest! :lol:

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My OH just asked what I was laughing at

He thinks it's "scarry" knowing there's more than one site/country dedicated to Choocks :!:

Oooh no eggs for him tomorrow HaHa


What the collective term for chicken peepers/obsessives/fans ?

Bird watchers are Birders .....

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I like that one Toolilac! Can't think of any thing more catchy!

Love your story too SNOWY , Bantams sound so cute to keep but as we've already got LF....

I'm thinking of SKyline additions to my flock or welsummers

Anyways the naughty girlies nearly demolished my raspberries today... Had to net them off :roll:

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