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Bit annoyed

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I advertised two pairs of matching curtains on Ebay. In the listing I put Collection only - cash on collection, as the items were heavy. Time was up yesterday and today I got a message from the buyer which said -" as I live so far away from you I am arranging a courier to collect. I will pay by Paypal or I can pay straight into your bank account if you give me details."

Obviously i do not wish to disclose my bank account details so have had to agree for Paypal payment. I will now have to be around for a courier to collect too. I am a bit miffed to say the least.

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Blooming cheek!


I would message them back saying that it quite clearly states on the listing that they are buyer collection only,as you work full time & cannot be around for a courier,plus you will also have to pack them up!

They may not want them any more,but you can always offer them to the next highest bidder.


Since ebay stopped sellers being able to leave neutral or negative feedback for problem buyers,people are just not bothered any more & will often just take a punt.

I had a girl leave me neutral last week because she thought she was buying a larger jar of the product I was selling than she did,despite me saying what size the bottle was 3 times in the listing!

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Thanks Cinnamon. I had two listings which were both up at the same time. The other thing was a canvas wardrobe. I emailed the winner with my phone number asking them to ring to let me know when they wanted to collect. That was Sunday lunchtime and I still havent heard from them. Not being very successful at the moment. I have sold other things on Ebay and never had a problem.

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I had the very same problem with a dog cage I sold on ebay. I listed it as collection only. The buyer came from Surrey which is a good 170 miles away from me. They said that they would send a courier. I agreed although not happy about it, as I am at work and couldn't guarantee if I would be around for collection. After a few days I hadn't heard from the buyer and emailed asking if they had arranged a courier and had no reply. I contacted ebay and they gave me the buyers contact number. I called them but had no answer. I was advised by the Ebay community not to accept collection by courier and to tell the buyer that the item was no longer available. I did this and straight away got a reply from the buyer apologising and saying that they were having problems finding a courier to collect. I don't think that they realised how much a courier would cost to collect something of this weight. The sale was cancelled and no feedback was left by myself or the buyer.

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Grrrr... I'm cross on your behalf.

If the buyer wanted to arrange a courier, they should have contacted you before bidding to ask if it was OK.


What buyers don't realise (unless they are sellers themselves) is that not wanting to courier something isn't just because you don't want to arrange a courier; it's also that you don't want to have to find packaging for something that size, and be responsible for packaging it up, and you don't want to have to wait in for the courier to collect.


For this buyer, I would be tempted to write back and say the courier will need to come between 6 and 8 in the evening, or on a Saturday as you work full time.


If they pull out, you can always relist,. Just put a note in your listing to say that they are being relisted because the previous buyer did not realise they items were collection only. (I would also edit the bit in your description where you state in the listing that the item is "collection only "to say "and sorry, no courier collection"


Make sure you go through Ebay to cancel the transaction (use the mutually agreed option) so that you get your fees back.

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we've had that and most couriers will call you to ask for a convenient time to collect

It isn't that bad and is a normal thing really.


You must have had very considerate couriers. :clap: I have stated 'collection only' on 2 car seats and a pushchair, but relented when buyers contacted me and asked if I would be happy if they arranged a courier.As has already been mentioned you then have the hassle of packing the items up. I have had to wait in all day, and I mean all day, given the time bracket 7 am - 7 pm :twisted:

I now clearly state I will not accept courier collection, as it is not worth your time waiting in. Good luck with it though.

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