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Rooster with poor moral character

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Saw an add on Kajiji (Canada's gumtree.com) and it's hilarious. Many of you have been in this situation I'm sure but this guy wrote a gem of an advert about his unwanted rooster. An excerpt:


There are 20 hens of various sizes, shapes and colours in the flock. They are hot, and they regularly make themselves available to this rooster and there are no strings attached; eggs are collected every day. You would expect this rooster to be: a) happy and b) tired. But, no, he’d rather stir things up with the humans. Every two or three days. Like clockwork.


Read the full story:


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Tee hee, sounds familiar.

Poor chap doesn't realise that once Ronnie has gone, Kevin will likely undergo a personality change....


That was my thought exactly! :lol:

My second was "what on earth are you doing browsing Gumtree Canada? " :lol:


Great advert 8)

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It gave me a smile, too, which I needed after having to say goodbye to my much-loved cat of 17 years! Glad things seemed to have worked out for Ronnie!


Oh, so sorry Leeloo, how sad :(


My second was "what on earth are you doing browsing Gumtree Canada? " :lol:


My family are still in Canada (my birthplace) and my Dad posted it on Facebook. Not sure why he was browsing kajiji for roosters though :think:

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