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Orlando - beginning an experiment to allow chickens

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This is a very strange article. The citizens of Orlando have been banned from keeping chickens for many years but they are about to strat a trial to see if it doesn't cause any problems.


I know that people who comment on these types of news articles aren't exactly representative as a whole but they range from sensible (well-looked after hens are good in an urban environment), to stupid (there will be a plague of diseases) to downright racist (because supposedly Caribbean immigrants all keep chickens).


Anyway. Worth a read.

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Yeah, I bet there's way more than 75-100 people already doing it! It's illegal for people in residential areas in my city to have chickens, too, but I have several friends who do it! That is part of why I only have two, though, and I'm not likely to go over that number! Good luck to them, maybe if it goes well, it will spread to my area!

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