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So the OH brings into me an egg (i did not go outside as it's peeing it down!!)


Its no bigger than a golf ball, normall shape. :roll:


Haven't cracked it open yet.


Any thoughts on the cause, weve had fox sightings, could they have been spooked and this has knocked her egg laying outta whack?


Maybe it's just the weather it's getting me down aswell! :(


All comment appreciated!


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I've had a few of these recently and none have had yolks. The smallest one is as big as a 10p piece. I've found that they are really hard to crack as the shells are usual thickness but because of the size it makes the shell stronger. Sorry, not sure that makes sense :?


Anyway, I've worked out that they are coming from a young hen and she's only started doing it on days when the rain has been really heavy.


I think despite the shelter the ladies have got the miserable weather is getting to them too. Do chickens suffer from SAD :?:

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I just wanted to comment on this post because I frequently get a different kind of mini egg.


After I got my hybrids the first "new" hens I got were cream legbar chicks. As the lived in separate coops and didn't mix for a good few weeks we used to refer to the "big girls" and the "minis" and the minis name just stuck, so all my cream legbars are the minis and they lay "mini-eggs" but they are more like the cadbury's mini eggs because they come in fancy colours. !egggreen!!egggreen!!eggblue!

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Thanks for all your posts ladies!! I think it's the weather, meaning they haven't free ranged as much, everything is always wet :( , thier laying has always been consistent so was a bit thrown. They seem to have perked up with a few days of sun though, all the worms they can eat!!! :lol:

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