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This probably sounds a bit mad, but has anyone ever converted back from a WIR to a Cube?


I love the WIR but the current site is temporary, so a big change around of compost heap, greenhouse and WIR is going to be necessary to put it in the right place. My health is not great and I'm spending more time at home now looking wistfully up the garden and can't leave it where it is. So I wondered if maybe selling the WIR was a better idea, and getting a Cube instead, which would go in the same place as the WIR, but would not obscure the view?


I'm also losing a lot of feed to sparrows, who look like Christmas baubles bouncing up and down in the tree that overhangs! This is great for the sparrows but I'm hoping that at somepoint they will be too fat to squeeze through. The hens don't chase them off at all - can sparrows get into a Cube?!

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What I like about the WIR with the cube attached, is that I find it easier to clean as you don't have to bend so much, the cube run is not big enough to get into, could you find someone who would give the WIR a spruce up every few months and you can keep on top of the weekly clean with a bit of a rake over the WIR.


It is hard when you rant so mobile to keep on top of the heavy work.

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Thank you for the replies, everyone. I know it sounded odd/slightly bonkers.


We've only four hens, with no plans to add more and have a Classic which sits nicely on the outside of the WIR.


Now I know sparrows can get into a Cube, that's that one definitely out of the window. I'm going away to draw up a plan of action to swap it all around, step by step, and double up on pellets!

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