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Strange chicken!

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I had to take my Rhode Rock Blackberry to the vet on Monday because her wing was hanging down and didn't look right. He decided that she had damaged the wing, managed to 'click' something back into place, and gave me a bottle of Betamox to deal with any infection. He said 'It's quite simple to give pills to chickens. You just hold the head up like this and...oh, she is rather lively isn't she?' Eventually he got it down her throat, but Blackberry had decided that she was not going to repeat the experience. The next day when it was pill time I had a hollowed out sultana which I popped the pill into. She took the sultana, played around with it a bit, ate the fruit and let the pill drop out, then to my surprise pecked up the pill. The next day she left the sultana completely but pecked up the pill. I have been offering her the pill on my hand for the rest of the week, and she has been quite happy to take it. Strange bird!

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