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Layers Mash Or Layers Pellets?

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I started on pellets but it was a nightmare getting the girls to eat them... so accidently got mash one day, which I mix with hot water and they eat every bit of it, not too messy and no waste as they eat it asap especially as i add dried mealworms, also easier for adding stuff to, like flubenvet for worming, or if you want to add some limeflour for egg shells or garlic powder etc....you can give mash dry, but it looks like a pile of sawdust so thought i'd give that a miss.

Im a definite mash convert, and the girls love it!



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I feed my girls Layers Mash dry...if you go down this route, buy a reputable brand (not Pampered Pets sad excuse for mash...an emergency buy it was more like dust than food..never again). Generally I use Marriages because that is the best that I can get round here, and I think the quality is very good.


My original girls were on pellets but war broke out when I couldn't free range them all day every day because of fox problems and so I put them on Mash to keep them busier for longer...ever tried eating Sherbet Dab?...mash is a bit like that, it takes quite a lot of time to eat enough in the day which seems to keep them out of trouble and from getting too bored.


Personally I'd recommend it, and it seems a bit more natural to me but I know a lot of people prefer pellets....it's a case of suck it and see (if you'll pardon the pun - hens teeth and all that!)

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We started on Omlet food - we changed to pellets, which was a mistake as they just didn't eat them.

Went onto layers mash from the local pet shop which I understand came from Copdocks Mills but lately it just seems to be the wrong colour and more ash than enything, so have now progressed to Garvo Layers Mash.

Girls eat it - when they are not too busy eating sweetcorn or cabbage or mealworms.

Tried making this into porridge - didn't work.

Mind u - our girls would only like to eat grapes ALL day if they were allowed to. :lol:

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Mash for us too after the girls turned their beaks up at pellets; they only used them for food scattering competitions.


We've previously used Marriages mash which seems very good quality for the money - had other cheaper makes at times of emergency which look and smell like floor sweepings. The girls ate it but we got far fewer eggs and more thin/soft shells.


So we're now on Garvo Mash :doh: which is much more expensive but the girls seem to love it and eat/waste less of it so not all bad. Looks and fab with lots of grain and green bits in it and smells like molasses - hmmm, can chickens smell? Anyway, they're looking well on it and lots of nice healthy eggs are appearing regularly - just wish it was easier to get hold of :pray:

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