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Chortle Chook

What are your favourite duck breeds?

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Last week I had a pair of Pekin ducks for my birthday. They are approx 6 weeks old and really cute. I have them

living in my spare eglu in a fenced off area at the bottom of the garden. They are settling in well but are a little shy so I am taking it very slowly letting them get used to their surroundings and us being around. When they are settled I will start to make friends with them by offering them treats as I did with the chickens.


Geraldine and Jemima Puddleduck are very entertaining especially since they discovered the paddling pool. It's great to watch them ducking and diving.


Needless to say, lots of time being spent sitting in the garden watching their antics.


We've never had ducks before so we are learning as we go. :D

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Muscovy ducks are my favourite...my gran used to keep them...due to lack of space I've gone for my second choice which are call ducks.....they are so comical and such time wasters (two are what Tom and me got from your last year Taz)

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