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Princess Leia

Does anyone know what this is?

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This was found in a garden and handed to a friend who keeps ducks. Unfortunately, she also has a small mad dog who saw it as a potential snack, so it found its way to us. It is eating and drinking well and seems very tame - it likes sitting on my shoulder or head and seems very happy.

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So, do you still think this is a Pheasant? Pip (YS wanted to call her Kevin, as in the film Up) is growing well, and now has a bright red comb - something that seems different to hen pheasant photos on the net. She also doesn't have anything much tail-wise. She has a small area of raised garden to scratch around in, loves wild bird food and mealworms, but doesn't like layers pellets. Not flying yet but does like falling with style from the raised garden to the patio, especially if she can ambush the rabbit in the process. Have found her with fur in beak on a number of occasions. :roll:



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Well, we are still at a loss as to what type it is. However, the suggestions that it may be male may well be right, judging by some of the noises currently being produced. Unfortunately, the bad news is that we probably won't be able to keep him. We are OK with hens but not with cockerels, if that's what it is. So, we are open to suggestions as regards rehoming.

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