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Newbie advice needed!

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Hello - Cheech and Chong ( (Bluebelle) ) have been with us just under 2 weeks now and already the garden is full of nasty huge flies.


Any chicken-friendly ideas on how to get rid of them? We've got those sticky yellow flowers on card propped up around the garden at the moment. Like a sinister episode of TellyTubbies.


We've fully cleaned out the (green eglu) and the run twice already (each weekend) and have been poo-picking from the paths when they have been FRing. Any poo on the soil has been removed, dug in or washed away by the rain. So, there shouldn't be much to attract them but the things are everywhere :(


Any advice gratefully received.


And finally..... Chong haas discovered corn on the cob. Talk about obsessed! :lol::lol::lol:

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Another RedTop fan here aswell, and definitely agree :vom: particularly near the end of its life.


Nettex ground sanitiser is supposed to help deter flies, you are supposed to use some sort of sanitiser if you have a fixed run, mind you I spread a load yesterday and the flies didn't seem too put off. It hadn't been on long though.

I rake it through the covered run and the outdoor run aswell as sprinkling a little in the housing.


Bokashi Bran is rumoured to help but I didn't notice much difference with that either.


Raking over the poo regularly will help, serve s"Ooops, word censored!"s in bowls instead of scattering, not as much fun for the girls but better for pest problems.


Keep your girls bums clean, I had to clean one up yesterday.


I had some of those sticky flowers but I think all the sticky came off in the rain so they just look pretty now :wink:

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Wannabee, I emptied most of the liquid out in a discreet corner of the garden - it stinks :vom: Then double bagged in some supermarket carriers before putting in the bin.


When you see how many flies you trap you will know it has definitely made a difference.


Loooved gold top milk, it was a treat on a Saturday when I was little.

And I always volunteered to be the milk monitor at primary school so I could finish off the extra ones :lol:


Green Shield stamps and coop ones too, that was my job to stick them all in the crinkly book!

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Red top fly catchers are great but put it way way away from the house and chuck run. It will stink after a few weeks (I always have to triple bag it and make a run to the tip to dispose of it). And don't forget to top it up with water or the smell will be really bad. Basically obey the instructions.


It kills lots of flies ... it is the smell of rotting flies that attracts more flies to it, so put it where you won't be hanging out and you will be fly free until it gets full (all the flies will go to the red top and leave the other areas alone).


Did I mention the smell of death lol ?

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It is a bit stinky! My garden is not very big and the instructions say it has to be 5m away from compost heaps etc so by process of elimination it ended up on the garage by the side door (on a hanging basket bracket!!) so we get a lovely waft when we have to go in there. Small price to pay though for something that actually works.


OH got the job of bagging it for the rubbish :lol:

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