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Please help, sick chicken

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Over the past couple of days I have been posting about my sick miss pepperpot.

I have let them out this morning, I have to lift her down from the cube. She just sat down half way and went to sleep and started to jerk. Ive got to go to work and hate leaving her but my mum is coming round to take her to the vet, what do you think they will do? Will she be put to sleep?

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Thank you for everyones kind words.

Still distraught and not looking forward to seeing the other 2 girls looking for her but il give them a nice treat, I'm sure they will think it's great. Do you think chickens notice that one girl has gone forever. Seem to think they will miss her as they wouldn't go to bed without each other.


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So sorry pet *hugs*. I think the chooks do realise that someone is missing but they're remarkably resiliant creatures and generally seem to accept the situation as long as they still have company and aren't suddenly alone.. She had a lovely long life and in the end was allowed to go peacefully. All anyone can ask for really xx

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