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Eek! I've got an interview! *didn't get it :-( *

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Whew, it's over :clap: . I think it went well (hard to tell though). Managed to answer all the questions and could prove experience in all the things they said I would have to do (and the ability to learn the new things). Managed to sneak in that I'm a former pupil, both boys were there and I'd volunteered in the Support For Learning Department in the past myself. That, plus my experience with kids with learning difficulties, my flexibility and willingness to take on more responsibility must be a good thing.


There was a little IT test which I didn't expect :shock: . Just an Excel spreadsheet with a few instructions - not a version I'd used before but I managed it ok. Then got offered a cup of tea so had a lovely chat with 2 of the staff (then the other 2 as well) - one of them had a son in the same year as my eldest, and a couple of them recognised me as a parent.


I overlapped with 3 other candidates :shock: . One (bit frumpy and dumpy :twisted: ) left while I was waiting, another (looked about 18 :roll: ) came in to do her Excel test while I was chatting with the staff (awkward!) and another was waiting as I left.


Forty applicants, eight interviewees in total, interviewing all day so probably won't hear till next week :( .

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