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Ducks in eglu ?

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Oo, what's the answer - are there quite a few Omleteers with ducks?

I've not gone down the plastic housing route for either hens or ducks but I think that I should have done for the ducks as their house would be that much easier to keep clean and wash down, something I've not really missed with the chickens.

My (white duck)(white duck) live in here


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I have two Pekin ducks in a classic eglu with an extension on the run. It would be really nice to be able to let them have complete freedom in the garden all the time but unfortunately it's not possible because there are foxes around. They seem happy enough with their tubtrug full of water in the run and a paddling pool when they are in the garden. I let them out of the run everyday when I am at home but need the peace of mind knowing they are safe when I am o

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Same here. Two chiltern whites in an eglu classic (with extended run), no roosting bars and thick layer of bedding. They are fine, free range as much as possible but sometimes stay in run all day with tub trug of water and food. I find the eglu needs a complete clean inside regularly, so the fact that it is plastic and can be washed down really helps. :) x

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