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I have a large wooden "Tony" WIR. I need to replace the glass tarpaulins that that are looking a bit tatty now. I have looked into acrylic sheets but they would be very pricy for the size of my run.


Has anybody used the covers that Omlet make for their Mesh WIRs? Would they be suitable to fix to a timber structure like mine ?


My site is rather exposed and catches the gales so any covers need to be strong :P

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It depends how big an area you want to cover.


There are lengths of fixing rods available that you can screw into a wooden framework, our frame didn't fit the size of the panels so we added some batons, to screw the rods to. Once the rods are in postion you place the sheet in the frame and clip in the top of the rod, (with a rubber mallet) which is a very secure fit.


They also sell Fixing screws, specifically for the depth of sheet you buy.


We have a mixutre of both, using the main framework and then the screws at the ends of the panels.


It is very easy to saw and drill into and is quite soft to work with rather than being brittle like acrylic.

If you search polycarbonate on Wickes website it brings up the different sized sheets and the fixings for it, they even have a sheet to tell you how to use it.


Good luck :D

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