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Some advice please

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Hi All


I've had my 19 week old Silkies for 4 weeks now and they've integrated ok with the 2 older ones. A week ago though one of the babies was poorly took her to the vets, she had a very high temperature and her head was mostly on a tilt. Vet said it was probably a virus (neurological) anyway after 3 lots of antibiotics and vitamins he is very happy with her progress and says she can go back into the flock in a couple days, she is eating and drinking well so I'm really please too.


My question is the best way to integrate her back, bearing in mind I have kept her in her own pen for a week and in the conversatory at night.


I have the room to put her and her newbie friends together in a pen where the older birds can see them for a couple days? Just concerned having been poorly if I add her back into the group in the big garden the older birds may pick on her.





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Not an expert, but I think you are right to not just put her back in with everyone straight away.

I think your suggestion is a good one, and if she has any trouble with all of the youngsters at once, just try putting 1 or 2 in with her for a while.


Glad to hear she is on the mend, they are a worry arn't they :)

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I'd get her FR with the new girls for a couple of hours first so you can see if she's lost her place in their pecking order then let the older girls out with them that way they all have room to get away from each other then see were she wants to go a bed time

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