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Tattoo updated with picture

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Thanks Paola :) Would love to see yours but understand if you don't want to. How many sittings was 10.5 hours?


Your tattoo reminds me of those fantastic pictures in the botanical books that record different species of plants 8)


I am not sure I have a finished picture of my tattoo :oops::think: I will have a look. It was done in 3 sittings. Two 4 hour sessions and 1 two and a half hour session.

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This is work in progress. You can see in the top right corner the tattoo I had covered up. When he said that he can cover it up I didn't think that he would just colour it in :roll:




Finished but you cannot see the larger flower in this pic.


Sorry about the size of the pics guys :oops:

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Vaguely amused reading this as I'm definitely in the not wanting camp as an over 50. Same with multiple piercings.


Both my daugthers have tattoos and piercing. Admittedly I do find some of the artwork around beautiful but for me I'd have to with temporary - wouldn't want to be stuck for life with something I may get bored of!


My eldest started it all off, going through a Goth phase in her teens and the piercing started to appear. Last week she had a minor op under a general. I accompanied her and had the pleasure of trying to remove all the piercings and replacing some of them: 15 in her ears, nipples :shock: and tongue. Could just cope with the ears but they were a devil to remove and replace (some had to be plastered over when we both gave up!) I have to say I did feel a bit queasy - I do even if I have a bit of difficulty getting one of my own earrings in! But hey - what a bit of mother/daughter bonding we had!! :)


Youngest daughter of course had to go the same route but she only has 4/5 ear piercings.


As for tattoos, youngest is a Christian and has a teeny dove and faith line of text on her wrist - no doubt she will get another at some point! Oh and a teeny tiny nose piercing.


Eldest has her middle name written in the P"Ooops, word censored!"e language (her background) on the back of her neck, a ridiculous constellation on her hip (which really does look like someone has done a load of dots with a Sharpie), a lovely black cat down her side and she is going in next week for a piece of floral art on her ankle (designed by BF who is an artist).


I just sigh each time they trot off ot the studio but they're over 18 - who am I to judge right now.


I am glad that my eldest saw the error of her ways with a septum and eyebrow piercing. They were removed after not too long - just so not pretty! The tongue one (which is not through the tongue but the frenulum) I still find gross (not least when she had it done without my knowing - think she was about 17 - and I glimpsed it at the dining table - not happy - and neither were her dentist and orthodontist with whom we had spent quite a bit of money!)


Both seem a rite of passage with teens these days. I'll stick with wearing pretty jewellery :)



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