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White Crusty Vent?

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Some of you will remember my little Pekin chick who managed to come through the Cocci infection.

She still isn't right and I am thinking now there may be some permanent damage caused by the infection.


After hours of reading I still can't get to the bottom of it.


She is often lively and playful, but sleeps more than the other two and will have periods where she will huddle up and puff out her feathers. She is eating and drinking fine, enjoying mealworms and apart from these periods where she looks unwell otherwise seems fine.

However, she has a discharge from her vent which dries to a white crust.

It does not smell at all so I dont think it is Vent Gleet, but it would look similar to what I would expect a thrush type infection to look like. Her stools all look normal. I have had a good poo inspection and they seem a good texture, (can't believe I am typing this) with the white urine bit. And she has the occasional sloppy one too, (cant remember what thats called but I know thats normal too)

They were getting caught up in the white stuff, but I have trimmed her feathers and cleaned out much of the white stuff which was blocking her vent and sticking to her outsides.

I don't think its pasted vent as it doesnt seem to be poo.

Similar reported problems all tend to be related to egg production and at 12 weeks I doubt it is that either.

The only other thing I can find is that it could possibly be related to kidney or liver problems :( .

She has some probiotic yoghurt with mealworms in, wont eat it on its own, and some lifeguard in the water.


Lots of suggestions for ACV, particularly on the US sites, anyone think this would be a better alternative to the lifeguard?


I do hope it isn't, she is such a lovely girl, loves the blow dryer and just stands on my leg to get it done, she has been as good as gold when I have been trying to get the gunk out and loves a snuggle under my chin when it is all done. Even the dog has been super gentle with her when she has been in the house and just comes up to have a look.

This lousy weather isn't helping, they all look miserable at the moment, even the big girls, they really perk up when the sun shines and they get to play outdoors on the grass.

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