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Feather plucking...from sparrows!!

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Terribly entertaining...there are some sparrows that regularly visit our garden to take bits of straw & stray feathers to build nests with. However, this particular wily sparrow has caught on to where she can get a full supply of feathers! The chooks are sat around on a tire, and she sneaks around them - and then attempts to pull out a feather! Normally one already sticking out at an odd angle :lol:

The chickens don't seem to mind, they just look around and scare her off without even having to get up. But her audacity is pretty suprising!

Does anyone else experience a cheeky little visitor? She's hilarious to watch as she sneaks behind the chickens, and as of yet she hasn't been successful so the chickens don't mind either :lol:

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We haven't had anyone pinching feathers, but the young magpies hang around to snaffle up any pellets that stray out of the bars of the run.


The magpies do taunt the chooks a bit and there has been some shouting at one another, but both sides seem to know they can't get at the other.


Any worries I had evaporated when the chooks were out in the garden and I saw Josephine bodly seeing off the magpies who fancied her spot, clearing up under the birdtable!


Whoever got the idea that chickens are...chicken!? :lol:

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Hehe spadgers (sparrows) are just so cheeky!


We have a little robin who had cottoned on very quickly that as soon as we are around with our girls there are usually mealy worms. She is very bold and taunts the pekins - they detest her and charge head down at her with their their little neck ruffs standing on end :lol:

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