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I've just jet washed the Eglu and it's now on the drive drying off in the sun. :D The run is abit water logged so I've poo picked and racked it over and given it a good covering of ground sanitizer. There's alot of flys down there and I was just wondering what everyone does to deter them?

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Lucky you having sun.

I don't have many flies at the moment because it keeps RAINING.


I have planted some lavenders near the back of run in the hope it will deter any flies later. And I bought smaller ones to go in the front of my run which I will plant when the sun comes back.

And I did buy one of those fly attractant things but I've decided I don't want to attract even more flies, so that was an expensive mistake, and it was smelly.

I thought I might pop to Lakeland as they have a couple of fly trap things worth a try.


Hope things improve for you - but at least you have sun :D

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Some people over on the Backyard Chickens web forum were saying that hanging vanilla-scented car air fresheners in the chicken run kept the flies away. I'm probably going to try it because it's cheap so even if it doesn't work, I'm not out much! Some said that it works well in conjunction with the water traps by making those more attractive to the flies in comparison.

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