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Ex batt walking like a duck - Peritonitis? *Updated

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One of my ex batts has been walking like a duck for the last few days - sort of squatting with bottom near the floor.


She seemed OK but I notice that she did not run over for sweetcorn this evening so she must feel unwell.


I don't think she has laid for a few weeks (I only have one regular layer).


Does it sound like egg bound or peritonitis? She has been chilling out in the sun on the lawn so she seems relaxed.



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Not the nicest video to watch was it? :lol::lol:


Have you been to the vets with her yet? There are two types of peritonitis, sterile and septic. Both can be treated but sterile is 'better' as she can live much longer with that. I think both types will requite antibiotics asap.


Good luck with her. :D

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Thanks Christian. I had her PTS as she seemed in quite a bad way and after watching that video I thought it would be cruel to prolong her life. Her abdomen was so swollen it looked bare and trailed on the ground. She lived for over a year after her rescue so I guess she did OK.

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