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Oak Furnitureland rant

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OH and I decided last month that we would quite like a nice king size bed and some new bedroom furniture and having seen Oak Furnitureland advertised such a lot on TV we went to our local showroom to have a look. The salesman there was very helpful and assured us that the wardrobes we chose would fit into our bedroom as they came in two parts. As we live in a large house we didn't anticipate any problems and placed an order.


Last Tuesday they came to deliver the furniture and oh my what a fiasco. As soon as the delivery crew came into the hall one of them said "hmmm bit of a restricted access on the turn at the bottom of your stairs, we can't try to deliver unless you sign this disclaimer".


They just brought one wardrobe in and quite quickly it was apparent that the combination of the turn of the stairs and the banisters were a problem. It was suggested that perhaps they just leave the wardrobes downstairs and we could try to take them apart and put them together upstairs. Hello, we paid for assembled furniture, if we had wanted flat packed we could have bought them for much less money.


After much thought OH decided, on the recommendations of the delivery crew, to take down all our banisters. Can't say I was very happy as it's caused a lot of damage to them. Luckily that did the trick at the bottom of the stairs and the wardrobe was soon on the landing, although quite a number of chunks of wallpaper were damaged beyond repair :?


Next problem was that they said they couldn't get the wardrobe from the landing into our bedroom, but would we like it put into a different bedroom :shock:


Eventually we decided to just send the whole lot back as it obviously wasn't going to fit. We then spent about 2hrs trying to talk to someone in Customer Service only to be told we would be charged £250 for not taking delivery as we should have "mentally walked through the house with the wardrobes" before ordering. Considering the sales assistant made such a thing about the wardrobe coming in two parts we really thought they would fit and at no time was there ever a mention of a cost being incurred if there was a problem, just the usual hype about being able to send them back within 7 days if we weren't happy with them.


Obviously there is nothing we can do now, but it's a cursory tale of how some stores will just sell anything without putting enough thought into how easy it might be to actually deliver an item. One thing I have learnt is that if we had placed the order online or over the phone we would have been protected by the Distant Selling Laws and they couldn't have charged us anything for taking them back.


Yesterday our new king size bed was delivered and to be honest I was a bit worried about that fitting after last week. Despite the mattress being 18" deep they managed with no problem thank goodness.


As we now had no bedroom furniture we had to rush and order some new stuff. Only place I could find anything I liked that could be delivered quickly was M&S and as they had 20% off furniture it was a bit more affordable than normal and I'm just crossing my fingers that it all fits. I did order it all online though :lol:

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How infuriating - makes you wonder if some of these shops actually want to go out of business.


I had a similar experience when ordering a Super King bed a couple of years ago. On delivery the blokes said "it won't go round your landing, we'll have to leave it downstairs" - "No You Won't" said I , "well you have to sign a disclaimer about damage to the mattress" - "No I Won't" said I. After phone calls to the shop and me being extremely belligerent it did eventually get upstairs with no damage to the mattress, BUT, the guy in the shop just wasn't interested after he had taken our money and it was only the eventual good will of the delivery men that got it upstairs.


I'm not sure about being charged all that money for not taking delivery that seems all wrong - are you looking at ways of resolving that?


Hope you can sort it out to your satisfaction.

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That is ridiculous! Proportions always look different in the showroom rather than at home. I agree, call T/S and find out if you have any further rights as the salesman led you on a bit didn't he?! He souldn't make sweeping assumptions without having the technical know how. :evil:

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I think I will write a letter to the MD of Oakfurnitureland and see if that gets me anywhere.


We had our new furniture delivered from M&S yesterday and what a difference. Okay I know they charge more, but the delivery crew put covers over their shoes and mats down all over the wood flooring. Apparently M&S charge £100 if a customer can't accept delivery of an order, quite a difference between that and £250 for sure :shock:

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just had bedroom furniture delivered from Oak Furniture land and now have a wardrobe in my dining room. The deliver team said they would not take it upstairs due to health and safety means they would need to lift it with a person below which is not allowed. 

So how the hell where they planning to get it in the bedroom with out lifting it, I paid for the premium service which includes assembly in the room of your choice. i Did inform the Sales at the point of agreeing the delivery option that it would be upstairs on the first floor in the front bedroom and gave all measurements. The delivery people point blank refused and said if i was not happy they would reload on the truck but it would be considered as a delivery refusal which Oakfurniture land then charge you £250 for. 

So they have you in a bind, they will not deliver as per the agreed delivery option and threaten that you will be charged. HOW the HELL is that customer service. I amh a single female with a heavy lump of wood in my dinning room 18 days before XMAS which i am host (or was) for my family.

The delivery men complained about everything, parking lifting etc.... they were in my house for two hours and did not stop moaning and making it seem like they are doing me a favour.

Its there Job and I paid for the service which was not completed and left me in this ***** situation.

just reading everyone else experience i know i am not alone and this does seem to be far to common but they just get away with it.

anyone got any ideas of what i can do


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I feel for you both. There seems to be an epidemic of wingeing service people. The plumber we had to do work in our extention moaned non stop about his job. I told him he should try working in NHS , that shut him up for a few minutes. Not everyone lives in a street where parking is easy and the inside spacious and open. You could threaten to post on social media , they may have complaints page. Good luck. 

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