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Chicken deficient

Baby Wyandottes!

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Oh they are just lovely ..I just love the markings on them. I don't know anything about them are they suitable for a small garden and are they noisy? I would love some /.


Thank you all for the lovely comments.


They would be great for a little garden - they are very compact and you get a better egg:mess ratio than with hybrids! We have Pekins too, which are also wonderful for small gardens. I'd say Pekins scratch less, on account of the feathery feet, but are a bit more chatty compared to Wyandottes!

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Firstly they are lovely


I LOVE Wyandottes my freinds son let me have Prilly our Silver Laced Wyandotte for my birthday we call her our posh bird :D



What beautiful girls - I am very :mrgreen: !


I have a Wyandotte called Hilda too - a blue-laced, who is as daft as a brush and forever broody, but a lovely-natured hen.


Tweety im rather envious as I would LOVE a Blue Laced Wynadotte

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