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Foot Problem - please help!!!

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after finally finding a vet in our locality who was happy to see a chicken(!) they said it could be gout(??)


anyway had it lanced a very pretty blue bandage (with puppies on it), anti-biotics and £25 less in my pocket - all seems to be much better


connie happily set to work at removing said bandage immediately (didnt like the puppies i guess!) - seems to be better but gotta keep an eye on it.

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It could be bumblefoot, my hamster had this and sadly had to be put down as the infection got progressively worse (although it didn't seem to bother her she was still running round like her normal self). I know chickens can get this too so would suggest getting it treated as soon as possible as it will spread. Don't worry there are antibiotics which will cure it.


If you can't find a vet who treats chickens try this link. Just type in your postcode and it will show all the vets who will treat poultry and your nearest poultry supply stores.




Hope this helps and good luck.

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