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Nicola O

Ill cat - HE'S HOME !!!- UPDATE

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Well, Norman decided that it was time for a cuddle at 1 am !! and with all he's been through I didn't have the heart to throw him off the bed so he had a lovely fuss and a tickle for nearly an hour before he settled down again.


He is not happy that he can't go out at the moment and has a litter tray on the landing which he finally used this morning. But he did have a huge poo in the night - on the sofa !!! obviously letting me know how he felt about everything, and I've just managed to get him to eat about 4 mouthfuls of wet food, hopefully now he has the taste of it he will start eating a bit better.


So here is my Norman - he's nothing special (by that I mean just a moggie, not a pure breed, but he's VERY special to me)



Sorry he looks a bit grumpy but I had just given him his meds and he wasn't very happy :D


I think I may have 'a google' for supplements to support the bladder or that prevent crystals forming so hopefully this will not happen again.



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I'm pleased to report that we went back to the vet last night for his 'two days released from hospital check up' and the vet is really pleased with him. Norm seems back to his normal self, but we have to go back in four weeks for another blood test to see if his urea levels have dropped back to normal - his creatine level (I'm not sure if I'm saying/spelling that right) are already back to a normal level.


He started eating again on Wednesday night. He is on Renal food until the blood test but if that shows that the urea level is OK he can go back to his normal food. They gave me (well, sold me) wet and dry food, and this cat who has always stubbornly refused every brand of wet food is scoffing it like there's no tomorrow !!


To say I am happy is putting it mildly, he has gone from being nearly dead to seemingly OK in one week - amazing !!

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Hello again.


Just an update. Norman has had a follow up blood test and his urine levels are so close to normal that he doesn't need the special renal diet any more. To say I am happy is an understatement :D .


The vet said he needs a low protein (senior) diet from now on as a high protein food could affect him again. He always had a senior food before, but I think I'll try and research a better quality one as he always had Go-Cat dry food previously - I think a better food is the least he deserves. Can anyone recommend a good one ??


a very happy Nicola :D

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All of the royal canin special diets are good - one of mine was on it for a while and they both loved it. He was on the calm one as he is a stressed cat :roll:


They do an ageing one that is good for renal health.

It is the Royal Canin Renal food the vet had given him, and it's the one that he said Norman doesn't need anymore.


God, the pet food market is such a mindfield, isn't it. The vet said Norm can have 'normal food' as long as it is senior/low protein. Have done a lot of reading the back of cat food boxes to find the lowest protein content, but googling brings up sites that tell you that low protein food is simply bulked out with cereal and 'rubbish' that is not good for cats, so I didn't know what to choose.


I have settled on Purina One as they have a Urinary Care food. The label says 'Helps support kidney health / Helps maintain urinary tract / Helps control urinary pH and promotes uriniary tract health'. It could all be advertising hype but I thought we would give this one a go.


Give Norm a stroke from me :D

I gave him a big fuss and a tickle for you :lol:



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