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Our WIR and Cube - Home Sweet Home! (Pictures)

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We finally finished our WIR to go with our new Cube to house our new chickens. We just love the arrangement and the girls seem to be happy. We started with 7 and are down to 4 as we ended up with 3 roosters that went back to our feed store. I couldn't be happier with the Cube. All the inspiration posts were so incredibly helpful. We used plans from The Garden Coop http://www.thegardencoop.com/ to build our run and found them to be great.


Here are some pictures of our set up.



Picture 110 by chicksinthesuburbs, on Flickr[/img]



Picture 098 by chicksinthesuburbs, on Flickr[/url]



Picture 099 by chicksinthesuburbs, on Flickr[/img]



Picture 101 by chicksinthesuburbs, on Flickr[/img]



Picture 117 by chicksinthesuburbs, on Flickr[/img]



Picture 126 by chicksinthesuburbs, on Flickr[/img]

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Wow looks fabulous!! That is exactly the sort of walk in run I am hoping to build for our chickens! So you found the plans from the gardencoop website to be helpful? I might have to look into that, having little building experience myself! =)


Did you bury any posts in the corners of the run? Is it placed on slabs or just on the dirt?

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