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Rectangle cake-pool, orienteering & now runway

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Do any of you fab omleteers have any recipes/suggestions for making a rectangle shaped cake in essentially a "tray bake tin" :wink: I will cut in half and sandwich with jam and buttercream - the ultimate aim to make a swimming pool 8)


Thanks in advance

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I always just weigh the eggs, and match the weight in flour, fat and sugar - works every time for me. Depends on the size of your tin but I'd have thought 3 or 4 eggs would be about right?


You can add cherries, nuts, caraway seed, lemon etc but if you're going to make a 'jam sandwich' then I'd just leave it plain.

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:D Well I have had a cake rehersal :lol:


Made 1/2 amount to see how far it "goes" - so result was escaping mix from lining I made :wink: This is good as I now think 1 1/2 of recipe will fill 2 tray tins nicely. I then can trim the edges to make a nice flat "pool"


Icing arrived today, so I may play later and make the little blocks/timing boards - I cheated on lane ropes and used hammer beads with elastic ( very realistic though as I even put in the black markers )


Just another quick question - I am home alone as boys surfing, can I freeze the sponge I have made and turn into a surfboard when jam/cream/icing the pool :?:


Also - - had an idea to "paint" the water of the pool onto white icing, would this work with a very faint blue water wash or am I way off now ??????

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Have made blocks, ropes and timing pads :lol:


Bought white fondant icing to roll - and have tried a "blue wash" on the surface - it works great applied with cotton wool. Will have to indent with a ruler to make tile effect after applying the colour - but the decorating will be easy now as all the other bits are made and in airtight containers. :dance:


Birthday is next wednesday - so will take piccies on completion, am quite proud as I am not artistic at all, and also never bake birthday cakes


Thanks for all the help :D

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:D Thanks Olly for posting the piccies :D


Was going to move the timing pads onto the top of the cake at the end of the lane ropes - but ran out of time :lol: Before I knew it candles were lit, blown out and the cake destroyed :lol: I was quite pleased as I am not arty or really a big cake baker - January has a request of an Orienteering cake :think: I suggested I just make a cake, then "Hide" in a field and give ES a compass and map to go and find it :lol:


Thanks again everyone for all the suggestions with what sponge recipe to use - it is now stowed in a safe place 8)

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Thanks Sarah :oops:


Lovely cake! - I bet you had fun making it. I think the hama beads are a brilliant idea.


You wouldn't think much of the one I'm making now, it's for my grandson, the same age as your son if I remember rightly? I wanted to make an Olympic themed cake but he only likes plain cake......very plain cake, no icing, no buttercream, no cream.....jam is allowed! So, it is plain jam sponge and a red, white and blue ribbon around the sides. The top will be a disc of white icing with a big Cadbury's gold medal with his name on it and half a dozen of the chocolate Olympic mascots.I might be forgiven the icing as long as it comes straight off! :lol:

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:D Yes Joe and your grandson are very close in age :wink:


I used those Olympic style loveheart sweets - little rolls of 12, in a bag for £1 in Sainsbury around the sides of the pool - had to open them all and find all the swimmer logo ones :roll::lol:


ES is as fussy - his Orienteering cake will be choc sponge with a "skim" of buttercream and iced to look like an orienteering post, luckily I have till January to work that one out :D


The choc medal and Mascots are a great idea - Joe got a GB duck from his brother, as he still prefers a bath to shower :wink:


Love to you all and hope J has a great birthday, next stop big school :wink:

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